Water Damage Restoration in California

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"My House Is Soaked What Do I Do?"

It doesn't matter where you live in California:  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Death Valley?  Anyone can suffer from water damage no matter how dry your home may be.  Whether a running toilet ran over or your washing machine supply line cracked pouring water into your basement with soaked carpet; repairing water damage requires immediate and deliberate action on the part of the homeowner. People frequently fail to take the appropriate steps to repair water damage out of fear of the expense.

Indeed, water damage restoration may be an expensive process but cost varies widely depending on the severity of the damage and how quickly the homeowner decides to do something about it. Water damage clean up is not fun. However, failure to act against water damage can jeopardize the value of your home, your greatest asset, and even put the health of your family at risk. So if you are sitting at home now looking at a flooded basement or a soaked carpet and wondering what you do, take it one step at a time and work your way through this 9 step action plan:

1. Shut off your electricity. Be wary of power failure as the power can suddenly come back on.

2. Check your walls for signs of structural damage. Drywall doesnít like lots of water and prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to both rot and mold.

3. Turn off gas to the house. It is better safe than sorry.

4. Take pictures for insurance purposes. This is good just in case you decide to file a claim. If you are going to report it you want to do it within the first 24 hours but donít call your insurance company just yet. More on this a little later.

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